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Boosting Your Jobs

When creating your job posting, you have the ability to promote your job to enhance visibility across several different job boards. We call this "boosting" your job.

All boosts available to your job can be accessed in the Boost step of your job listing.

You have three different options when publishing a job:

VIVA Organic

All VIVAHR subscriptions include VIVA Organic which is what will post your job to our 50+ job board partners. You do not need to do anything to activate VIVA Organic. If you do not wish to add any boosts, you can select Next and then publish your job.

VIVA Select

VIVA Select uses advanced AI technology to optimize your job posting for dozens of job sites and search engines. With just one click, our program will advertise your job posting on the most popular job sites for your job posting and match it with candidates who best fit your desired skills and qualifications. To do this, VIVA Select uses machine-based learning for advertising in the locations where your candidates are most likely to be searching.

Select the Boost - $159 button to add a VIVA Select boost to your job posting. Click Next to review your payment information and publish. 

Boost to Premium Job Boards

You also have the option of boosting your job to a specific job board for 30 days.

To boost to a premium job board, select the job boards you would like to boost your post to and then click Next.

Paying for Your Boosts

After you click Next, you will see the boost total at the bottom of the page. 

Select the payment method you would like to use or enter a different card.

Check the box that says I authorize this transaction and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Select Publish.