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Creating an Offer Template


If you're currently using our esignature add on, you can create an offer template to send to your candidates to sign.

To create an offer template, first, go to your Account Settings.

Under recruiting, select Templates.

Scroll down to Offer Templates and select + Add Template.

You will need to fill out a:

  • Template Name
  • Subject
  • The text you would like to include in the offer letter

You also have the option of adding Placeholders.

Placeholders allow you to have information autofill in your offer letter.

You can add the following placeholders:

Candidate Information  Company Information Dates Position Compensation
Candidate first name Company Name Offer Valid Date Position Title Salary (Yearly)
Candidate last name Office Location Offer Expiration Date Employment Type Salary (Hourly)
Candidate full name Supervisor’s Name Employment Start Date Exempt Status Pay Frequency
Candidate signature Supervisor’s Title   Work Hours Stock Options
Candidate address     Length of Contract Signing Bonus
Candidate email     Probation Period Commission Bonus
      Position Guaranteed Bonus
      Job Description Discretionary Bonus
        Paid Time Off
        Sick Days


You will also need to add a placeholder for the candidate's signature.

When you've entered all information you would like to include, select Save.




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