General Job Posting Policies

Before you can post a job, you must provide specific information about your company and the position.

Posting your job opening can take several different forms. There are individual ideas of how a job posting should look; however, many job board partners publish the jobs to have specific requirements on what is acceptable. There are specific details about your company and position that will be important to ensure your job is posted successfully.

The Quality Assurance department will review every newly published job with VIVAHR. Your account must be verified before any job posting is published.

Below is a list of requirements your job posting must include me before it is approved for syndication:


  • The full name of the company with no abbreviations must be visible and listed in Account Details.
  • Public details and information provided will be used for company verification. We may ask for additional documentation if verification of the company can not be accomplished.
  • The email address used to create the account must match the URL of the company website. Exceptions may apply with additional verification.

Job Posting

  • The job posting title should be similar to what your future employee would list on their resume, for example, "Client Success Manager" versus "Hiring Extremely Talented Customer Service Manager."
  • The title should not include any punctuation. Especially, exclamation points!!!!
  • Avoid using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • One job title per job posting. Do not combine roles into one job posting.


  • Each position is required to have a location. If you are hiring for multiple locations, you'll need to post a unique job posting for each location.
  • City, State, and Zip codes are required for each job posting.


  • Posting compensation is not required. However, labeling your compensation is required. Select DOE in the dropdown if you don't want to disclose the compensation range.


  • Your job description must have a minimum of 700 characters. We recommend having 1,000+ characters to get the best organic traction.
  • Avoid providing additional contact information (Email, Phone, Fax) in the job description. Frequently your job will be declined by job boards.
  • Format your job posting to be easy to read. If you are going to copy/paste, ensure you have removed formatting issues. It is recommended to Preview the job before publishing the job.
  • Include the following key sections
    • Overview
    • Responsibilities
    • Requirements
  • Discriminatory references will result in job postings not getting approval.
    • Age reference
    • Gender or gender-specific pronouns
    • Preferred nationality