Hiring Insights: Overview


The Overview section of your account Insights gives you an inside look at the statistics for all of your active job postings.

To access your account Insights, select Insights from the menu on the left.

The first tab is the Overview section. 

Here you will be able to view:

  • Impressions: The number of times your job posts showed up in search results
  • Website Clicks: The number of times a candidate clicked the Apply button for one of your positions
  • Applications: The number of candidates that applied for one of your positions

You can also view this information in the graph below. To the right of the graph you will be able to view how many candidates are currently in each pipeline stage. 

You can export either of these by clicking the blue Export buttons. The information will be downloaded into a csv file.

Below the graph, you will see Application Sources. This chart will give you a breakdown of how many candidates came from each job board.

You can also  Export this information.