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How do I pause or close my job posting?

How to pause or close a job posting in VIVAHR.


If you need to pause or close one of your job postings, go to the Jobs page.


Find the job posting you no longer want active and select the three dots to the right of the job. Select either Close or Pause Job.


Pausing a job posting: When you pause a job posting, you temporarily stop its visibility to potential applicants. This means that the job will not be displayed on your career page or on job boards during the pause period. However, you retain the option to resume the job posting at any time, making it visible again to applicants. This is useful when you want to halt the influx of new applications for a specific period, perhaps due to an overwhelming response or the need to focus on other tasks.

Closing a job posting: When you close a job posting, you essentially mark it as "filled" or "no longer available." This action permanently stops the visibility of the job posting to potential applicants. Closing a job posting typically signifies that the hiring process for that position is complete, and you have either filled the position or decided not to hire for it. Once a job posting is closed, you cannot make it visible to applicants again, and you will need to create a new job posting if you want to reopen the position in the future.


Once you close or pause a job posting, the status of the job will no longer be active. If you need to view any of your inactive positions, unselect the box that says Hide Inactive.