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How to Share a Job

The Share Job feature in VIVAHR allows you to post your job to social media, email applicants, and track candidate sources.


There may be times when you want to promote your job on different platforms other than the job boards. For this you can use the Share Job feature. With this feature you can:

  • Post your job to social media accounts
  • Email your job directly to an applicant
  • Create custom sources

By using the custom links created with the share job feature, you can easily track where each of your candidates came from.

Here’s how you can utilize this feature:

First, go to the Jobs tab on your dashboard. Then find the job you would like to share and select the three dots to the right of the job.

Next, select Share Job from the menu.

If you have your social media accounts linked to your VIVAHR account, you can use the buttons below to share your post directly to the desired platform.

You can also click the envelope to directly email someone the link.

You also have the option of selecting your social media account from the dropdown menu. When you do this, a custom link will be created that will track all candidates who apply through that link. 

Once you’ve selected the desired platform, Copy the link and paste it in the platform you would like to share the job to.  

You also have the option of adding Custom Sources

Custom sources are great for things like job fairs, events and employee referrals. This way you can keep track of what source each candidate came from.

To add a custom source, select Add Custom Source from the dropdown menu. 

Type in a source Title. If you would like to save this source so you can use it again in the future, select Save for future use

Then you can Copy the link and share it wherever you would like.

If you saved your custom source for future use, it will show up in the dropdown menu the next time you want to use it.