Indeed One Source Policy

Indeed does not accept a job post from VIVAHR if your company has previously posted on Indeed directly without using VIVAHR. If you used to post on Indeed before using VIVAHR, you need to contact their team and ask them to make VIVAHR your primary posting source on their platform. By doing that, you will ensure that your posts will not be marked as duplicates and lose visibility. 

Based on their policy, Indeed can only help employers directly, so you need to reach out to them for any inquiry related to your jobs. Use the contact form here or log in to your Indeed account and click Need Help? at the top of the page. Provide them the below explanation to help them assist you promptly: 

“I am a client of VIVAHR, an Integrated ATS with Indeed, and my jobs are included in their comprehensive XML feed. I would like VIVAHR to be my primary posting source. I need a CS rep to review my jobs to determine if they are suitable for organic visibility per Indeed’s Quality Standards."