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LinkedIn Contact Form

If you want to ensure that your jobs are getting posted to LinkedIn, you can submit this form to their support team.

Go to LinkedIn.com and submit a support ticket with the following message, filling in your company's information:

Start ingestion from ATS feed as the preferred source of ingestion and opt-out other ingestion sources
  1. Contact Reason: General Question/Service Request
  2. Issue Type: Jobs
  3. Your Question: Please opt-in the following employer for limited listings ingestion from the below ATS XML feed that is already integrated with LinkedIn. Please use the following information:
  4. ATS XML Name (JAM Source): VIVAHR ATS XML
  5. Employer Name: 'Your exact company name as it is listed in VIVAHR'
  6. Company Page URL: LinkedIn Company Page URL starting with https://www.linkedin.com/company/