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Moving Candidates through the Pipeline

You can move candidates to specific stages within your hiring pipeline either individually or in bulk.

After creating your customized hiring pipeline, you can now move your candidates to specific stages within your pipeline.

There are two different ways to move candidates through the pipeline:

  • You can move each candidate individually
  • You can move candidates in bulk

Moving a Single Candidate through the Pipeline



To move a single candidate through the pipeline, go to the candidate profile for that candidate.

Click the blue Change Stage button.

Select the pipeline stage you would like to move the candidate to.

The pipeline stage for that candidate will update under the candidate's profile picture.


Moving Multiple Candidates through the Pipeline



To move multiple candidates through the pipeline at once, go to the  Jobs tab on the left.

Select the position you would like to manage candidates for.

Select the candidates you would like to change the pipeline stage for by clicking the circle to the left of their name.

Then, select Change Stage from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

Choose the pipeline stage you would like to move the candidates to and then click Save.

The Pipeline Stage will then be updated for the selected candidates. 

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