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Why is my job still processing?

I posted a job and the status says processing

When you post a job through VIVAHR, the status of the job will say Processing.


This means that the job is currently under review by our quality assurance team. Our team approves each job posting by hand making sure the post meets all of our guidelines and is optimized for the job boards. If any updates need to be made to the job posting before it goes live, someone from our team will reach out to you.

Note: If a job is posted outside of business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET) the job will not be approved by our team until the following day. If it is posted over the weekend, it will be approved on the next business day. 


Once the job is approved, the status will change to Active.


This means that the job has been added to our XML feeds and is currently being sent out to the job boards. When your job becomes live on each job board depends on when that job board next pulls our XML feed. Every job board pulls our XML feed at a different time of the day. Typically, you will see your jobs live on all of the job boards within 48-72 hours of publishing the job.