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WP Jobs Page

The Job Openings page is where you can view all your job listings. 

You can view the following information about each job:

  • Job title 
  • Link to the job posting
  • Job posting status
  • Date the job was posted
  • The number of candidates that have applied for the job
  • The location of the job


Filtering Jobs

You can also filter your job postings by date. Select the month you would like to view jobs for from the dropdown menu and click Filter.


Bulk Actions

You can bulk edit or delete your job postings.

Select the job postings by checking the box to the left of the job title.


From the dropdown menu, select either Edit or Move to Trash.

Click Apply.


When editing multiple job postings, you will be able to edit the Author and the Job Status.

When all changes have been made, click Update.


Searching Jobs

You can also search for your job postings by title.

Type in the title of the job posting and click Search Jobs.